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Víctor Manuel Rocha

EXCLUSIVE: Former US Ambassador, Accused of Spying, Transfers Luxury Apartments to His Wife

The apartments are in the luxurious Brickell City Center Condominium and their total value exceeds $4 million

americateve | Miguel Cossío
Por Miguel Cossío

Victor Manuel Rocha, the former American ambassador accused of spying for the Cuban dictatorship for over 40 years, transferred four luxury properties to his wife Karla Wittkop Rocha on February 8th, worth more than $4 million dollars, while awaiting the start of his trial in a federal prison in Miami-Dade County.

Rocha, 73, arrested on December 1, 2023, is accused of acting as a secret agent for Cuban intelligence services throughout his extensive career as a diplomat in various positions in the Western Hemisphere. The four apartments transferred to his wife's name are in the luxurious Brickell City Centre in downtown Miami.

America TeVe consulted with lawyers if these transactions eliminate the possibility of confiscation by the federal government, given the accusations against Rocha.

Some opined that, since Rocha is married to the person to whom he transferred the properties, i.e., his wife, this would not prevent the government from proceeding against the equitable interest that the accused still holds in those apartments. Other lawyers said that such transactions do not constitute a crime, although the consequences arising from the judicial process would need to be observed.

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americateve | Miguel Cossío
Por Miguel Cossío

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